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PRICES: Below prices are "Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price" (MSRP). We sell through requirements. To get your best price, call your favorite dealer or contact us at 540-338-1202 for help in procuring the product desired.


INFORMATION: No one knows these products better than we do. If your favorite dealer is not able to answer all your questions, please give us a call. Even if you are "in the field" and have an operator's question, we're always available for help on U.S. East Coast Time... (Virginia). If your favorite dealer does not carry our products, please call us and we'll help him do so, or recommend the best dealer possible to help you.


FREE CD containing detailed product info, specifications, manuals on PowerPoint presentations, and jpegs. Contact via email: or call 540-338-1202.


AVAILABILITY: Normally new units are available as follows ARO:


ML-1 Magnetic Locator w/case $795 Lifetime Warranty
ML-1M Metered Magnetic Locator w/case $885 Lifetime Warranty
PPML-1 Prism Pole Locator 6' w/case $915 Lifetime Warranty*
PPML-1M Metered Prism Pole Locator 6' w/case $1010 Lifetime Warranty*
PPML-2 Prism Pole Locator 8' dbbl. ext. w/case $940 Lifetime Warranty*

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